Observation Forms - 2013-14

Below you will be able to find copies of forms that could be used by principals for the Observation and Practice component of the new teacher evaluation system. The last page in the document is a suggested process to follow when conducting scheduled, formal observations. Please note that neither Act 82 nor PDE mandates a specific process to follow nor specific forms to use. The only form that must be used is the "Classroom Teacher Rating Form" contained in the regulations published in the PA Bulletin on June 22, 2013.

Added July 10, 2013

Observation Forms - 2012-13

Here are copies of the materials that are to be used for the pre-obsevation conference, the formal observation, the post-observation process, and the walk-through. (These are the materials in your binder called "Tools for Teacher Evaluation".)

Added February 20, 2013

Observation Forms - 2011-12

Here are copies of the three (3) pages that are to be used when conducting the formal observation with your teachers. There is a page that deals with Domains 1 and 4 used in the pre-observation conference; the sheet used to take notes when you are observing that dealiwth with Domains 2 and 3; and the post-observation summary sheet.

Here is a copy of the rubric that is to be used.

Added February 6, 2012

Walk-Through Forms

This section contains a power point presentation and presenter's notes for conducting a "walkthrough". You will also find the document for collecting "Walkthrough" evidience.

Added February 2, 2012